Welcome on the projects page, hier you can find all programs and websites I helped create/maintain.

Example Status (Alpha/Beta/Released/Final)
Role Website Language(s)

KVIrc Log Archiver Alpha
Head Developer GitHub English
KVIrc is a chat program made by Szymon Stefanek and the KVIrc Development Team, the logfiles from this program can be sorted and archived using this C# program.

Sopel Released
Developer English
Willie is a simple, lightweight, open source, easy-to-use IRC utility bot, written in Python. It's designed to be easy to use, easy to run, and easy to make new features for.

LionRoarBot Released
Head Developer GitHub English
LionRoarBot, or LRB for short, is a set of Sopel (see above) modules that offer Twitch.TV integration. I personally currently maintain the following LRB instances:
  • LionRoarBot -
  • SeriouslyBot -
  • MeetupBot -
  • firedurganbot -

Subterranean Tyranny Pre-Alpha
Head Developer Twitter English
Subterranean Tyranny is a roguelike designed to be true to the classic genre from the ground up. No progression between runs, no reverting saves, no handholding. Are you prepared to face the Subterranean Tyranny?