Dimitri Molenaars, born in Amsterdam on the 26th augustus 1991 at 16:34, Living in Delft after 1 year in Amsterdam and 11 in Haarlem.


I've been to one school in Haarlem: Public Elemtary School "De Piramide Meerwijk". I had to double 4th year and left early due to the move to Delft.
I finished Elementary school in March of 2004 in Delft at the "5 mei Daltonschool".

After my first summerbreak in Delft, in which I learned the city, I went to the Grotius College, Juniusstraat. I started a HAVO/VWO first year, after which I doubled HAVO year 2, to finally get my VMBO-T Diploma in 2009 via VMBO-T years 3 and 4. My exams were for Dutch, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics.

Staight after I started the course "Application Developer" at the ID College in Zoetermeer. I left this course prematurely, before the summer break in 2010.
After this (Feb. 2012) I started the same course at a different school, Zadkine College in Rotterdam. Here too I didn't feel like I was where I was supposed to be and left that August. Giving them another shot first day of 2013, which didn't pan out either. (Leaving again before the summer holidays 2013).
Between my two attempts at the Zadkine College I took a course at EdX, the 6.00x by MITx: "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming". This course I did finish succesfully, as can be seen here.
Lastly I tried MBO again, this time a course specifically for Media and Game Development at the GLR in Rotterdam. This also didn't turn out too well as my personal situation forced me to focus on family between October 2016 and February, causing me to miss too many classes.


I started my career as a Deliveryboy in 2006, at "Netwerk VSP". I quit this after about a year and a half.
I started working again a few years later, on the 2nd of December 2009, as a Saturdaypostman at TNT Post (now PostNL). Although the title suggests I only worked saturdays, due to lack of school I helped out on Wednesdays and Fridays as well.
The 1st of August 2017 I started working as a Contact Center Agent for Teleperformance Benelux.

De Piramide MeerwijkStudentJuly 1997March 2004
De 5 mei Dalton schoolStudentMarch 2004June 2004
Grotius CollegeStudentJuly 2004June 2009
Netwerk VSPDeliverer3rd of September 20063rd of May 2008
ID CollegeStudentJuly 2009June 2010
TNT PostSaturdaypostman2nd of December 20096th of June 2011
Zadkine CollegeStudent31st of January 20121st of August 2012
EdX.orgStudent1st of October 20121st of February 2013
Zadkine CollegeStudent1st of January 201312th of July 2013
Grafisch Lyceum RotterdamStudent1st of August 20161st of February 2017
TeleperformanceAgent1st of August 2017N/A